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                                                    The Glory Days

                                            Male Confidence

These are MP3 and MP4 electronic files and something can happen to them.       Download a.s.a.p. THESE ITEMS WILL NOT be refunded. Please send RoseBudd an email if you have any questions concerning any product BEFORE YOU BUY IT. ( All package deals can not be exchanged.  The prices here are year round and are the 'deals' unless a change is otherwise specified. ALL PRICES ARE USD DOLLARS. Male Confidence  Full 1.0 $450--Full 2.0 $350-   -3.0 $80 Entire library including MP3s and MP4s $850--Individual MP3s $50 If you decide that you want to take advantage of the deal, there are NO DEALS on                              the deal. If you want the deal as stated, we can roll.


                                           THE COURSE

                                                            Male Confidence 1.0


$119-Male Confidence 1.0, part 1, is an introduction to the reasons we use to doubt our abilities. It relates our problems in life to weeds in a garden and it likens you to a gardener. You will learn how to discern what thoughts are weeds or not. Once gardening is learned, it goes into the steps necessary to develop an ‘arsenal’ of conversations. The arsenal is what you will develop based on your perception of yourself, after going through he steps to maintain a weed free garden. Also included in part 1 are ways to see within yourself what is interesting to talk about when socializing.

$119-Male Confidence 1.0, part 2 is where the fun begins. After developing an arsenal, it is important to get out in the field and practice. It even suggests that you speak to 100 women per week . . . which isn't that many, but is necessary in order to build the basic platform you will use to meet and in time seduce women. It gives you scenarios to use to develop your own style and ways to thicken your skin, in order not to feel rejected when a woman tells you ‘no’. It will also show you how to see each ‘no’ as a step closer the answer you really want, ‘yes’.

$119-Male Confidence 1.0, part 3 shows you how to put these things into a package that meets your needs and turn it into an aura. This stage of the course focuses on how to make yourself attractive to any woman, regardless of your income. We all know, today it is all about the money with women, but with these courses, it won’t be about your money . . . it will be about how much she can do for your enjoyment of life. Nothing comes easy, but if you conscientiously study the courses you will find them to be invaluable assets for your life.

$119-Male Confidence 1.0, part 4 is just about the most important aspect of the course. This part of the course shows you the importance of understanding the power of your new found confidence. It is essential that you learn that most people will misinterpret your confidence as arrogance if you are not careful. It introduces you to different ways to use your aura to speak for you and lighten the load, so to say.


                                                            Male Confidence 2.0

$180-part 1 is where you learn how to carry yourself confidently. It takes what you learned in 1.0 and gives you tried and tested ways to hone the new skill of being a confident and attractive man. Your facial characteristics are the same, as is your body, but your mind has taken a new way of thinking and you want it to be prevalent in all you do.


$180-part 2 is furthering your understanding of your confidence. It takes you into the territory of defusing and handling situations your new life will be undoubtedly faced with and gives you key ways to handle them.


                                                                         Male Confidence 3.0

$85-This is the capstone part of the entire course, but this part emphasizes the importance of learning and then forgetting about what you have learned. Even though this sounds crazy, it is essential for you to learn about and implement in your thinking if you want to win at having your way with women.



                                                ONE ON ONE COACHING PRICING

                      You can get coaching 15, 30 and 60 minutes-$45, $80 and

                            $120. Contact for details.

                     Conversation Tools for unexpected and expected situations


                                                          (Ride Along Tools, Mentality tools, Inexpensive tools, not included)     

                                                                       Any 4 conversations (4pak) $120                  


                                                                       Any 6 conversations (6pak) $175                    

                                                                       Any 10 conversations (10pak) $300



       NEW RAS:  RIDE ALONG SERIES for advanced askrosebudd listeners only @ $75

                  For the alumni who have dedicated himself to learning all you could from                                        the course. If you want a truly interactive experience, this is it. 


                                                      R-A-S Tool 1 Understanding Body Language

                                                                   R-A-S Tool 2 What is an Arsenal and how to use it 

                                                                              R-A-S Tool 3 Master of Conversation 

                                              Conversation Tools @ $50 each or $750 for all 30


                                       If you want to have a conversation that flow, listen and learn from one of the G.O.A.T.s


                    Tool 1 for getting at women on the streets 


                    Tool 2 for Lasting relationship  


                    Tool 3 for PIs getting at women walking  


                    Tool 4 for PIs getting results now  

                    Tool 5 for resistant or busy women 

                    Tool 6 for the psychology of what we do  

                    Tool 7 for an upscale woman  

                    Tool 8 for real action   

                    Tool 9 for a date  

                    Tool 10 for L7 getting results now 

                    Tool 11 for PI catching a semi slick woman  

                    Tool 12 for PI getting results now 

                    Tool 13 for representing yourself 

                    Tool 14 for good guy bad guy system


                    Tool 15 for becoming a catch magnet

                                       Mentality Tools for 

                                                  All 36


     If you really want to catch, you must know how and             on air              convo

        Tool 1 For wanting it and why

        Tool 2 For learning and managing the Game

        Tool 3 For learning to establish and maintain order

        Tool 4 How to understand hos and they you

        Tool 5 This is what it is, rules and all

        Tool 6 For furthering your understanding of Game

        Tool 7 For the rule benders, don’t be one

        Tool 8 Getting in a ho’s head with Game   

        Tool 9 Deserving and maintaining control over hos

        Tool 10 The why and how of the ABPs

        Tool 11 Gaining your respect

        Tool 12 For embracing the knowledge of this

        Tool 13 For preserving what’s left of the Game

        Tool 14 Identity matters as much as you do

        Tool 15 Believe Game, not the hype about it

        Tool 16 for the right mentality to have as a Pimp

        Tool 17 The PimP or Die mentality

        Tool 18 Married to the Game

You've also been asking about being a Player. I know there is a distinct difference between a Player and a PimP.  There's an art to becoming a genuine Player. I've put together a series of 15 mp4s, and just like my confidence course has NO complaints, neither will this Game on becoming a real, knowledgeable Player.

Learn the mindset of a Player (Game) $25 each 

1. This is how you learn to Play
2. What Play do I make when I want to catch
3. How do I gain the skills of a real Player
4. What's the best way to show your manhood
5. How much Game do Players have
6. How Players develop a dope conversatinon
7. You must be fully committed if you wanna Play
8. Being real with this Game of Playing
9. History of the Game pts. 1, 2 and 3
10. American PimP, behind the scenes pts. 1, 2, 3 and 4

    Game Challenge tools for Veterans $45 each

1. Bringing in the New Century/old school Game

2. Why don't hos know their value

3. Young PimP, watch out for the pitfalls

4. Can you see the light

5. How do a Veteran use new info

6. Fantasies can become new realities

           Tool 16 for getting at a group of women


           Tool 17 for securing a relationship


           Tool 18 for using manners to catch


           Tool 19 for catching on the d.o.a.d.

           Tool 20 for catching a polished ho

           Tool 21 for getting at a broad with a dude

           Tool 22 for getting at an aggressive woman

           Tool 23 for what to say to a hoe 

           Tool 24 for ten steps to a passionate woman 

           Tool 25 for intimacy and kissing

           Tool 26 for mental sex 


           Tool 27 for non aggressive, but forceful convo

           Tool 28 game gems for thoughts

           Tool 29 for trickeration is in the Game

           Tool 30 for dedicated to what I love


downanddirty101 @$80   

@ $950


what to think at all times. Mental Gymnastics, baby professional     


        Tool 19 Hos are not your hustling buddies

        Tool 20 The importance of sayings

        Tool 21 Let the Game Grow in Your Soul

        Tool 22 Firm Believer in the Principles of the Game

        Tool 23 Telling it like it is

        Tool 24 Truth about the Game

        Tool 25 Check Yourself, Don’t Wreck Yourself

        Tool 26 P.I.M.P. Pride In My PimPin

        Tool 27 Game is Real

        Tool 28 Game Gems for Thought

        Tool 29 The Serious Side of Game

        Tool 30 Be Thankful You Got Game

        Tool 31 You must stay Gamed Up

        Tool 32 Deep Involvement with the Game

        Tool 33 Some of the Finer things

        Tool 34 Make up your mind to who you are

        Tool 35 Time for Inventory

        Tool 36 Intro to the Game

  New tools for couples

  Inexpensive ($20 or less) things to do for date nights                          $45 each or any 6 for $180

                                            Tool 1 things that entice her 

                                            Tool 2 things that excite her                                                                                          Tool 3 romantic things to do 

                                            Tool 4 things to show attention

                                            Tool 5 things that show appreciation

                                            Tool 6 Things to show attention

                                            Tool 7 inexpensive things to do

                                            Tool 8 more things

                                            Tool 9 even more


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