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                                       Graduate Degree $500



                              must have full confidence course

Preferably, you already have the course, but if you don't have the cash at hand to invest $850, for the course and $650 for the tuition. There is a payment plan with no deviating from this plan. The  semesters are Jan-March, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sept and Oct-December. As you can see the semesters are 90 days. On the 1st of each month will be payments of $550, $450, $450 due. You miss your payment, course materials will be halted and access to group will be denied.                

                      NO REFUNDS   NO EXCEPTIONS

                             New to SWU

For the same money, $1450 total, you can come to SWU and start with the undergraduate curriculum, and progress at your own speed, to the Masters  program.


                      This will be waiting for you when you finish

I want to welcome you to SWU's homepage. SWU started this Masters Program for those of you who have a desire to learn the confidence course. if you're now ready to master it, this is for you. You'll gain a significant amount of confidence from the Male Confidence course and professor dickson's hands on, style of teaching. If you’re ready to reach into your confidence and use it in all your interactions, swu is for you. this is for those of you who want to get the course and be tutored by professor Dickson, in an online classroom setting. The tuition is well worth the detailed route you will take to learn, or to Master the course, with professor Dickson's guidance. 

The Master's class is an extension of where the course leaves off, specifically 3.0. professor Dickson teaches grad students how to be confident, without having to think on what aspect of the course they want to apply to the situation. More than anything, you'll understand and master the concept of ‘think it, do it’. There'll be conference calls. We'll use these as 1 on 1 talks, where you can verbalize any situation you may need clarification on. 

The work will take you from the beginning, to the end of the course, with you doing everything the correct way to get the full benefits. There will be an awakening you go through and at that time, you'll begin to execute some of the things you've learned. It's very exciting to see yourself grow.

The thing about these classes, you’ll have homework to do and think about, but the exercises for class are not to be dealt with in that way. In the streets of life, you rarely have the time to consider what to do. to deal with that, You’ll be learning and mastering the ‘think it, do it’ concept.

If this sounds like it's for you, decide to fully trust yourself. You won’t think to rob a bank, or to dive off the Bay Bridge, or hurt someone, or any kind of silly stuff you might associate with, 'think it, do it'. So trusting yourself will be the first thing you learn to do. The idea is, for you to learn to act, and not to react.  SWU is waiting to lift your thoughts to the stratosphere.

            if you do not want swu, then you don't want the course