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Rosebudd, Rosebudd, Rosebudd . . . when a woman’s sexual appetite had been sated by my prowess, she would say those words. Well, it’s really only one word, my name . . . but she would have to repeat it several times, because she couldn’t believe what I had put on her. She didn’t realize how the weak approach, backed up with weak knowledge of women the dudes she dealt with used, was totally not satisfying her. That will not happen with me and if you listen to what I have to say, it won't be you anymore, either. “Who are you?” That’s a question that always brings me pride to answer. “Why my precious young lady, I am a man who have PimPed hoes for over 30 years and while doing so, rose to the epitome of that lifestyle . . . and guess what? I left it to seek my pleasures and fortunes in other fields of endeavor.” That’s right, I was in the glamorous life of the PimP and was able to forsake it all, to become a real mofo in a totally different arena.


I decided to  educate myself in order to try to help the lost souls of men that I am able to communicate with. I studied psychology and sociology, earning a Masters in Teaching and Learning with Technology and a Bachelors in Sociology with  an  Education  Concentration. Initially, I thought the males of today just were slow, but after futher investigation not only did I find out they were slow . . . most of them do not have a lick of confidence. Digging deeper once I gained the knowledge, I realized that society is directly responsible for the actions of most males of today. There are very few males who will willingly stand up to the trials and tribulations of men in the 21st century. Society has systematically stripped away the male's confidence and replaced it with 'political correctness' . . . turning most males into spineless boys, with no confidence. There's one thing I don’t know if you know about a PimP . . . he is one confident MAN and I want to share with you how to get the same confidence for yourself.


That is my trip these days and what I want to share with you is my confidence and teach you how to have it. It's truly needed today. Tune in to my radio show askrosebudd, every Sunday night at 6pm pst and see if you like where I am coming from. If you bite, you could be well on your way to being a CONFIDENT MAN, ready to explore MANHOOD. A gun with no bullets is of no use, just as a male with no confidence is no MAN. I am sure you will admit that a dude with a woman he thinks is good to him, is a more confident man than one who don’t have a woman. Just imagine how much more confident you would be if you were able to have more than one woman and not have to sneak around to see them. Each one of them having full knowledge of the other . . . as a matter of fact, imagine that the only time you had a problem would be if you DIDN'T tell them about one of the OTHER WOMEN IN OUR LIFE. I know . . . unimaginable.

I decided to try to change the course and describe in detail the ways of a real CONFIDENT MAN and see if we can direct you all back to the MANHOOD society forced us to leave behind years ago. It’s not your fault . . . I know Steve the Dean Williams saw it and wanted to give you the keys to MANHOOD, but without REAL CONFIDENCE, you may as well have a gun with no bullets. I have had so many women, I lost count in my 2nd or 3rd year in the streets. It has to be somewhere around 14 or 15 thousand. So check me out on my show, AskRosebudd, or hit me up on my email askrosebudd@gmail.com, or follow me on twitter @mrrosebudd, on facebook @ John Dickson, or hit me on Instagram @the_real_John_Dickson and together we just might discover a way for you to get your nuts back, before they're labeled MIA.

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